The future of virtualisation: Automation, orchestration and even more on demand

The core concept of virtualisation, and its promise to increase efficiency by severing the link between hardware and software, has become common in informed businesses. Indeed, there’s now a huge range of examples, among a broad set of industries that demonstrate how to quickly take advantage of it and hit the ground running. However, exploiting […]

When to Switch From Shared to VPS

One common problem novice webmasters often face is a dilemma between upgrading their shared hosting plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Servers) plan.  The worst thing that can happen is your account will get suspended for using too much bandwidth, RAM, CPU, etc.  Don’t worry, a respectable hosting provider will send out notifications when you […]

Scopehosts New Website Design

Scopehosts New Website Design A new website design is developed by our designing department, which will provide all the detailed information regarding our services and support. So let us get to know in details regarding the new responsive website design of scopehosts with all the features and technologies used in it. The new design structure […]

New Logo for Scopehosts

A New Logo of our Evolving Company.: Scopehosts : Beyond Connections A Brand new logo has been designed for ScopeHosts, which represents the 5 years of services completion and evolution in services and support.